Despre program

Program Objectives To provide the theoretical and applied knowledge for engineers in the field of wireless communications. They should have a vision at the system level and conduct designing procedures by highlighting different levels of a wireless system or a wireless communications network, from the physical layer to the application layer. The focus will be particularly on the physical layer, which has to get an adequate level of reliability of the communication link that ensure the required level of application quality of service (QoS) as well as mobility. Due to the special dynamics of the concerned areas, it is aimed at combining all principle aspects regarding the latest technological trends. These objectives can be achieved through: – Increasing knowledge of the electronic and telecommunications bachelors (graduated engineers) in the field of radio communications; – Creating conditions for exchanging both students and teachers between universities and for putting them in touch to the latest concerns in Europe and the world by developing teaching in English; – Attracting major economic players in the industry (operators, equipment development companies, application developers, regulatory bodies and other companies interested in wireless communications and mobility access systems) in preparing students in this field. Based on some informal discussions Orange and FreeScale are interested in the development of this program.

Limba de predare
Statut acreditare
Perioada de studii
2 ani
Forma de invatamant
IF - cu frecvență
Cursuri pe care le vei parcurge
  • Optimization Techniques and Random Signals in Telecommunications
  • Advanced Communication Networks
  • Protocols and Services
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques
  • Mobile Communications Systems
  • Criptpography and Security in Communication Networks
  • Research Activity and Practical Work S1
  • Advanced Data Transmission Technologies
  • Access and Broadcasting Digital Radio Technologies
  • Software Defined Radio and Programmable Circuits Design
  • Digital Video and Multimedia Processing
  • Embeded Systems
  • Advanced Telecommunications Networks Project
  • Research Activity and Practical Work S2
  • Advanced Procedures in Wireless Communications
  • Software for Integrated Management and Control of Networks and Services
  • Software Applications for Mobile Terminals
  • Satellite Communications
  • Integration Research Project
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Research Activity and Practical Work S3
  • Practical Work
  • Scientific Research and Dissertation Preparation
  • Academic etics and integrity

Intra in familia Educativa

În România, un absolvent are de ales între peste 5.000 de programe de licență și de master de la 520 de facultăți din 100 de universități.
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--- lei
Taxă de înscriere
--- lei
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Ultima medie (buget)
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